Morning sickness at work

Anywhere between half and two thirds of women experience morning sickness during their pregnancy. 

It can be particularly stressful and uncomfortable trying to fight nausea while at work. Here are a few tips to help you deal with morning sickness on the job:

  • Keep a variety of snacks available –  an empty stomach tends to trigger nausea, so try to eat small meals regularly. Give yourself options for the types of snacks that will go down well on any given day.
  • Stay hydrated – drink as much as you can manage. Sometimes sips of flat lemonade, diluted fruit juice, cordial, weak tea, ginger tea, clear soup or beef extract drinks are helpful. If none of these are bearable, try sucking on ice cubes.
  • Wear loose clothes – put on clothes that don’t constrict your abdomen.
  • Take a walk! Fresh air and movement can calm the stomach. Step outside the office and take deep breaths. Maybe even keep a fan on your desk.
  • Carry recovery supplies – if you do get sick at work, being able to freshen up may help you feel more comfortable and ready to get back to work. Be prepared with an emergency pack with things like a toothbrush, mints, hair ties, face wipes and makeup, just in case.
  • Work flexibly if you are able to – if you are usually sick in the morning, start the workday later. If you generally feel unwell at lunchtime, start the day earlier or work a bit later. With the culture of working from home becoming more common because of COVID-19, working from home is also a great option to help you have more control over your environment. Many employers are willing to embrace flexible working hours. 

Navigating work with morning sickness is no easy task. Perhaps most importantly, remember that you don’t have to soldier through. 

If it’s a really rough day, don’t hesitate to take the day off. If you are a full-time or part-time employee you can use your sick leave entitlements if you are unfit to work because of illness. As a casual employee you can also let your employer know when you are not fit to work. 

Putting yourself first is always an important job. 

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