Bumpd makes it easy to prepare and submit an unfair dismissal application.


We want to make sure you understand the full picture. Please read the information here on the unfair dismissal process, where Bumpd fits in and how it works, and a summary of the different legal options potentially available.


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  1. Bumpd does not provide legal advice. Bumpd is not a law firm, and we are not your lawyer. Our website and our app are not a substitute for legal advice.
  2. Choosing to proceed with an unfair dismissal claim may stop you choosing another legal option later on. The choice is entirely yours.
  3. Our app is based on a computerised decision-tree logic system. This system has been designed by lawyers using their best efforts, but it cannot (and is not designed to) cover all of your unique individual circumstances. You must carefully review any document that our app generates and provides to you, and make any required changes.
  4. You are entirely responsible for the contents of any document that we submit to the Fair Work Commission on your behalf.
  5. If at any stage you feel unsure about your legal position or what to do, we recommend you speak to a lawyer.


Gather any documents that might be relevant to your claim, and save or scan them onto your computer. You will need access to them as you go through the app. For example:

  1. letters, meeting notes, emails or texts about the ending of your employment or any complaints or concerns you had raised;
  2. requests you made to your employer about your pregnancy/child related responsibilities;
  3. medical certificates;
  4. payslips; and
  5. if you were made redundant, job advertisements for your previous job.

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Beta version: Bumpd is currently in a testing phase. During this phase, a real human lawyer will be conducting some manual checks (as described in our Terms of Use). As a result, it may take up to 24 hours from the time you complete the questionnaire to when you receive the draft unfair dismissal application, and up to 24 hours from the time you ask us to submit your application to the Fair Work Commission to when we actually do. The sole intended purpose of these checks are to optimise our app’s automation system. These checks are not intended to constitute legal advice to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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[Update 1 October 2022: We are currently working on a new product to better achieve our mission of eliminating pregnancy and parenting-related discrimination in the workplace. During this period, our existing app will not be available through this website. We can still help you though, including to prepare a legal claim where appropriate. Please contact us here and we will respond within 24 hours.]

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