Bumpd does not provide legal advice. Bumpd is not a law firm, and we are not your lawyer. Our website and our app are not a substitute for legal advice.

If at any stage you feel unsure about your legal position or what to do, we recommend you speak to a lawyer. You can either hire a lawyer privately, or otherwise the services listed below provide no-cost legal advice in relation to employment matters.

Please note that Bumpd is not affiliated with any of these support services.

Victoria Legal Aid is a publicly funded service that may be able to assist you with legal advice if you have experienced discrimination in relation to employment or dismissal. You can search for legal information on their website, or you may be able to get help over the phone. Please note that Victoria Legal Aid is in high demand, and therefore target assistance to people who are experiencing particular disadvantage or vulnerability.

If you don’t live in Victoria, you may be able to get support from Legal Aid bodies in your state. These bodies are listed here.

JobWatch is an employment rights legal centre that provides assistance to workers in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania about rights at work. JobWatch can provide you with free, confidential telephone information and referrals. Their website also contains fact sheets and resources that have information on workplace discrimination and unfair dismissal. JobWatch can provide legal representation, but this is available on a limited basis for workers experiencing disadvantage.

The Workplace Advice Service is a free legal assistance service which can provide you with the opportunity to talk to a lawyer on issues relating to dismissal, general protections and workplace bullying. Please note you will not be eligible for this service if you are a member of a union or are currently represented by a lawyer. You can check your eligibility and fill in a Workplace Advice Service request form online.