Links and articles

25 March 2022‘Showcase: Using legal technology to create social change’

Recording of a presentation organised by the Victorian Society for Computers and the Law.
26 January 2022‘Bumpd built with Checkbox to help parents fight workplace discrimination’

Press release on BusyContinent.
2 December 2021‘Legaltech app Bumpd accelerates access to justice for parenting discrimination’

Article by Digital Nation (IT News).
30 November 2021‘Mini-documentary: Digital transformation in the legal sector’

Video by Digital Nation (IT News) featuring our co-founder Erin Kanygin.
25 November 2021‘What To Do If You’re Unfairly Dismissed From Work’

Article on Mama Disrupt.
25 November 2021‘Fight for parents: Gamechanging tech tackling discrimination’

Our co-founder Erin Kanygin spoke with ticker NEWS live in the studio.
22 November 2021‘What Does The Lawyer Of The Future Look Like?’

Video from the TechLaw.Fest 2021 featuring our co-founder Daniel Yim.
28 October 2021‘Beating Discrimination With The LawTech Solution Bumpd’

David Woolstencroft interviews our co-founders Daniel Yim and Erin Kanygin.
10 October 2021‘Legal Automation Projects And The First Pancake’

Article on Legal Practice Intelligence by our co-founder Daniel Yim.
25 August 2021‘Custom legal technology? You can do it with no-code’

Article on Legal Practice Intelligence by our co-founder Daniel Yim.
4 June 2021‘Fighting for mums in the workforce’

Short article on Ideas Spies.
4 June 2021Bumpd is announced as the winner of the Australian Legal Technology Association ALTACON 21 Pitch Competition.